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I am a registered, trained adult leader for my troop and when trying to approve activity log hours for scouts it defaults to only my son’s account. I have checked over and over and have full access as a leader so not sure what is going on.

Also, I am no longer able to send email from Scoutbook as of last week (was able to prior to last week).

Help would be much appreciated. I need these items to completed scouting requirements.

Chris Manring

Hi, @ChristopherManring,

These may be two different issues.

The Send Message system was intentionally hidden due to the data center migration that was occurring over the last week. However, my Send Message option has reappeared, so you might try opening Scoutbook in a Private Browsing window with cache cleared to make sure you aren’t getting a cached version of the page. If that still doesn’t

Regarding the inability to see logs for more than your son, I assume you’ve checked under the fleur de lis (troop) or Cub Scout diamond logo (pack) in the upper right corner of the IA2 interface ( to ensure that your leadership role is listed there? Sometimes I have to toggle through the versions of “me” under there to make sure I have the right one selected to execute the tasks needed. That said, not every registered leader has access to approve activity logs. What is your registered role in the unit?

I am an approved leader in my.scouting and scoutbook. The issue occurs when I go to the advancement offshoot site. I just checked and it seems to have fixed itself… maybe it was all related to the data center migration?

Thanks for the help!

Understood. What I was trying to clarify is that some registered leader roles don’t have access to approve activity logs, while others do, That might have played role. Since it appears you have access now, however, I’m not sure what may have been involved, although it sounds like that probably wasn’t it.

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