Add a way for individual units to "create" a activity log type

Currently, there a few logs available such as camping and hiking. I have seen many requests for different types of logs like boating or cycling.

Since each unit has different needs, I believe the best way to solve this problem would be to allow units to create different activity log types just for their unit. For example, a troop that does a lot of cycling could create a cycling log just for their troop while a troop that does a lot of boating could create their own boating log.

I think this would be the best solution to the lack of different types of logs because it lets everyone make the logs that their units need, at not have to put in a new feature request everytime they need a new type of log made for their troop.

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there is a story in the backlog to deal with this - we do not know if/when it will be programmed


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