Add ability to transfer funds from one scout's account to another

Problem Statement:
In current-state, in order for an authorized pack/troop admin to process a transfer of balances between one scout’s account to another, the admin user must manually log a CREDIT to the target account and separately log a CHARGE to the source account. This process in current-state, results in the admin user manually performing 2 transactions for every transfer, therefore spending twice as long to complete the task, doubling the potential for error, and bottle-necking the process to only be performed by admin users.

By adding the ability to TRANSFER balances from one account to another, this functionality would improve the user experience by decreasing manual work and enabling other qualifying users/accounts to perform a transfer.


  1. Transfer ability is only available to be utilized by the following users:
    1a. Parent/Guardian user with more than one “child” scout account attached within the same Troop/Pack/Ship/etc, shall be able to transfer positive balances between accounts
    1b. Admin Users with Payment Log entry/edit ability shall be able to transfer positive balances from any account to any account.
    1c. Leader Users with attached child scout account(s) (in which they are the parent or guardian of), shall have the ability to transfer positive balances amongst the accounts they are responsible for (ex. a Den Leader has 2 children in the same pack, would be able to transfer positive balances between each of the 3 accounts)

  2. The Transfer source accounts listed shall only be an option for accounts listed with a positive balance.
    2a. Transfer option shall not be shown as an available option to Leader or Parent/Guardian users, IF none of the accounts attached have a positive balance

  3. Transfer amount cannot result in the source account having a negative balance

  4. Transfer source and target accounts must reside within the same Troop/Pack/Ship/etc

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

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