Adult leader assign to den

Our new adult leaders submitted applications, and were approved. Added to scoutbook overnight.
They were all added to the wrong dens. I’ve managed to fix most of them, but still having issues with another.

SB user 4255834
BSA 133579923

I think! it is listing an old address, when he used a new one for registration. He is an Eagle Scout, and his former BSA # 110336106

I am trying to add him as the Tiger Assistant Den Leader.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@KylaGatlin - there is no assistant den leader for tiger dens.

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You’ll have to add the person as another Den Leader vs assistant.

ok cool - so 2 leaders then & no assistants. I’ll try that. Thank you

any reason his old address in Mississippi is showing instead of the new one?

Fixed the Address for you

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Thank you! I was just able to add him as an additional den leader as well.

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