Add correct info to Scoutbook scout

I have a scout who appears in my my.scouting Pack roster, but does not appear in Scoutbook. I found him in Scoutbook, but to Scoutbook it doesn’t look like he ever registered, so I need his Scoutbook correctly updated to match my.scouting.

Scout’s BSA#14195562, in Scoutbook he listed without his middle name, with no BSA number and SB user ID of 12411295. Please merge the two correctly. I don’t want to create him and end up with a random duplicate.


@JeffreyMaynor The Scout’s Scoutbook accounts have been merged. The Scout’s date of birth was different by 2 years. I have also requested a position sync.

Thank you! I actually couldn’t see birth years in anything so I wasn’t aware of that issue. Appreciate the help!

My workaround for this issue is to turn on scout’s age in the roster display.

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