Add Lion Den to Pack

Our Pack does not have a Lion Den in Scoutbook, but I am the Lion Den Leader. How can I add this option? Thanks

A pack admin needs to go to the pack page and click add den.

How do I know who the pack admin is or how do I get those permissions? I think I’m really the only den leader who actively has tried to use Scoutbook.

In Scoutbook, go to your Pack Roster page and look for “Pack Admin”.

At a minimum, the Cubmaster, Committee Chair, and Chartered Org. Reps. will be Pack Admins.

Click pack roster and look under the adult leaders’ names. By default it’s the key three, key three delegates, and advancement chair functional role.

Can I be added as an administrator?

Yes, another pack admin can add the position to you. Alternatively, they can make you the advancement chair in position manager in my.scouting.

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