Add New Leader search broken

The search appears to currently be broken. It will not find any results for anyone by either name, email, or BSA ID. It will not even find myself. I have the unit roster open in My.Scouting, can see all the leaders that are correctly registered and active, copy/paste any BSA ID from there to the Scoutbook search and it gets “no record found”.
It is the same going from My Dashboard > Administration > Pack > Pack Roster, +Add New Leader button,
or from My Dashboard > Administration > Pack > Den xx, +Add New Leader button.

I am using Chrome. I have tried the following with no change:
Gone thru to the Pack Roster > My Name, where the Pack Admin role is current, & clicked Update.
Cleared browser history & cache, all time. Close out & log back in.

This is a known issue. The developers are working on a fix but there is no ETA.

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I’m trying to connect a scout to a merit badge counselor, and it won’t give me the option to check “merit badge counselor.” It only gives the options of parent or other family member. Is this also under this same issue?

This is also a known issue. I’m not sure whether it’s technically the same or a different issue.

The way I found to get around this is to go to that leader from your roster and it will show their current positions. You can click the Add Position/Role at the bottom. This has worked for the most part. I had one issue when trying to move a leader from one den to another. It wouldn’t show the new den as an option when choosing the position. I had to grab the DenID variable value in the address bar for the NEW den and then change it to that new value in the address bar when I browsed to the leader.

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You are correct Eric, that is how I normally do it. I only found this issue here because I was trying to workaround a different issue where the Add Position/Role button is missing on some leaders, which I have a different post about.

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