+Add Position / Role button is missing from only some leaders

Some leaders have added and/or changed positions this year. I have Pack Admin role & it is normally not a problem to add & edit leader positions. From My Dashboard > Administration > Pack > Pack Roster, we have 22 adults currently on the roster. Only on 9 of them, when I click on their name the +Add Position / Role button is missing. I can edit past & current positions/roles, but cannot add new ones. For all the others I can click in & see the button & it functions fine. I cannot tell any differences between their profiles, & all 22 adults are correctly listed & active in the My.Scouting > Unit Roster.

I am using Chrome. I have tried the following with no change:
Gone thru to the Pack Roster > My Name, where the Pack Admin role is current, & clicked Update.
Cleared browser history & cache, all time. Close out & log back in.

Example of two leaders in particular whom I need to add new positions for, in case anyone can please see what the holdup is:
SB User ID: 12012538
BSA Member ID: 6234040

SB User ID: 11942403
BSA Member ID: 13902219


What should be done is the Charter Org Rep or Charter Org Rep Delegate changes the positions in my.scouting.org on the roster. The next day, Scoutbook should be updated. This ensures the registration matches the positions in Scoutbook.

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I sort of get what you’re saying. For some we are adding additional positions, not changing. Some of the positions I need to assign are what My.Scouting considers ‘Functional Roles’, those don’t feed over to Scoutbook. Also I need to be able to add Den/Pack Admin Role, which does not come from My.Scouting Roster.
I’d really like to understand why some leaders have the button but some do not.

They all should have it if they are officially registered, which I have confirmed both of the above are. I can only surmise that Scoutbook isn’t getting that message for some reason. I requested a position sync which will run overnight. Let us know if anything changes tomorrow. Otherwise, I’ll ask the developers to look into it.

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