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Add Time Stamp to Advancement and Awards Dates

To avoid problems with awards not being purchased and awarded in an Awards Meeting, I would like to suggest that a time stamp be added to all “completions” on Advancement and Awards events. This will remove the issue of items being marked complete after the cutoff TIME agreed to for all awards and then those awards not being purchased and presented at the awards ceremony. If patents see that the date and time stamp is visible next to their completed activity, they won’t attack the Awards Chair for not purchasing their Scouts awards and say they believe they put them in before the cutoff date and “TIME”… Thanks

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Not sure what you mean? There is Audit data in the system already.


We give out awards at our Monday night meeting. I send out notes stating that on Sunday evening, I will be cutting off the awards for that meeting at 5PM and will produce the reports needed and go get the awards Monday at noon on my lunch break. I then don’t actually produce the reports until 7PM that night. On occasion I get a parent that claims they put their scouts completions in before the cutoff but when I go to the system I can only see that NOW, the completion is in there with Sundays date but without a time stamp on it, I can’t prove when it was entered into the system. I know that when I wait until 7PM to do the reports I have given them a 2 hour grace period and I would just like to put and end to the finger pointing. The time stamp would serve that purpose.

Tell them they did not do it? You run the report at a time that proves it it was not entered. if they complain do the true BSA thing and sign them up for your job LOL. I see what you are saying, but with the backlog I do not see this happening.

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I guess I could move the cutoff back to Saturday at 5PM but I try and give them as much time as possible to get it done.

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I agree with Donovan on this. We can add it to the backlog but I don’t envision it being done given the items currently in the backlog.

Instead of moving the cutoff back to Saturday, you could send an e-mail out when you process the awards (or start) saying anything entered after this time will be held until the next meeting.

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I have tried that and parents say “they put them in before I sent the note out”. Moving it back a day solves the problem for me, they can’t change the date but can swear all day that they met the deadline. Dates are fixed points in time that don’t require a time stamp…

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It kind of sounds like you have a couple parents who are going to complain no matter what you do… and it’s never their fault. I’m sorry, and I wish you luck.

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