Adding a leader to a unit as a multiple from another unit using the recharter process

We are not getting this right and need detailed instructions on how to add a person to a unit as a COR position when that person is already registered as a Cubmaster in another unit so it would be a multiple. We keep doing something wrong with the wrong results. The application we attached clearly has the ID and the unit they are being a multiple from, but no ID is showing on the revised roster nor does the CBC or YPT show as completed. This has held up the recharter of a unit for two months as it does not allow us to proceed to the next step.

@JeremySchrauf - have you tried clicking on refresh charter

More times than I can count. I should add that we have asked for help on this multiple times to the a registrar somewhere outside our council and so far no one has had an answer. We just did a complete reset and I want to get this right and were advised to post here in hopes we could get some help.

@JeremySchrauf - ok. Is this the process you are following:

I gather that this person is in your council ?

Yes, same Council, same District. The user guide did not help as we did what we thought was correct and it did not work. We did something wrong, but have no clue what it was. Another unit got it right for one person and wrong on another and has no idea what they did differently. Another unit tried to add someone as a multiple and wound up with the added person being given a new ID #. We need to fix that as well, but not until all the units are rechartered.

These good questions and my struggling to answer call to mind the difference between adding an adult leader in Scoutbook from adding one in the recharter app.

In Scoutbook you have the option of adding a brand new person or adding someone already registered elsewhere in the council. In the latter case you enter the other unit, the person’s ID and a few other things and, if they are registered as indicated, thee name shows and you enter it.

In Recharter you can only add or invite, but multiple is not a choice that is allowed at that stage, which makes sense if you are adding a second position to a COR who is already in the unit. But there does not appear to be a way to add an already registered position in another unit. There must be, but no one can tell me the procedure to do that and I cannot find it mentioned in the User Guide. I am guessing the registrar could see the necessary information on the registration form where it says multiple, with the ID and other unit. But the computer system can’t see that and we can’t get past this to get it to the registrar.

Steven, I am so sorry, I didn’t realize you were also sending an email. I have answered the question and probably too much more on the Forum site. Can you check there or do you want me to go there, copy and email back?

Can you provide the exact steps you have followed to attempt to add them (without providing any names)?

Yes, used Add Member, added the information which I thing was the ID (it is blocked on the example) and birthdate, attached the registration form (which was approved and scanned), YPT and CBC. We did not ZIP them so did not need to do that. After dong that we reloaded the roster and saw the name, but no ID at all and red dots for both the CBC and YPT. What did we do wrong?