Need to unmark a leader as multiple

After I marked a leader as a multiple in our Pack, we reached a different agreement with the Troop. I am unable to figure out how to clear the multiple designation on this leader so that we can pay for her registration. BSA ID: 133631957

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I have the same issue. The menu item is there, but does not allow you to select it (yes, I checked the box next to the memeber).

Have you tried removing them from your Recharter? You can add them back.

I did. It did not help. At this point I referred the issue to my district commissioner and council registrar as well. Thank you for looking! If they find a root cause or a workaround, I will update this thread.

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If you don’t have “too much work” into recharter, you can have the registrar reset it. I did that last year. This seems to be clearly a bug, no?

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Council was unable to solve it. I talked to the other unit and we just changed our agreement so that they pay this year and we can leave her as a multiple. :slight_smile:

Do you know if they tried to reset the recharter from scratch?

They did not. I prefer the ‘solution’ we reached, but I hope this goes into the bug backlog.

This worked, but not as expected. When I was multiple, I had 2 entries: COR and CC. I tried to do what you said, removed one of me, then was able to un-mark the “single” multiple entry as multiple.

So, it seems that there is a clear bug that if you are multipled in the same unit and multipled in another unit, you can’t be un-marked as multiple.

Can someone report this?

I am having same issue. I was just today at my council trying to figure this out and they couldn’t find a no solution. I also tried to remove and put leader back and it doesn’t work. Help!

They need to “reset” your recharter. I don’t know how or what is exactly called, but last year they did it for me. It “starts the recharter over” like it was before you made any changes or modifications.

I will tell them and hopefully that solves the issue. Thank you!