Adding a leader

I got a phone call asking me for tech support. A leader in getting the system up for the new year instead of promoting the den he ended membership on a leader and it of course removed her. So he called me to fix. Logged in as him and looking at this. Trying to add her back searched her by BSA pid.


Found her but she has no email address according to the system. But when I go to her daughter she is listed as parent and as leader with an email address. I am thinking she has two accounts. Can someone please help me checking this and merging everything under the BSA pid above.



Iā€™m working on it.

Thank you so much for your help


She had 2 SB accounts. I have merged the accounts and requested the Den Leader position to be restored. Check tomorrow morning. She will need to be re-assigned to the den by a unit admin.

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Or you can just go in and add the position now yourself

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