Parent cannot add Merit Badge Counsellor

I am a scout’s parent and try to add Merit Badge counsellor for my son, but when I try to search for the Counsellor I always get the error message “No record found that satisfies the search criteria.”

MB Counsellor not found

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I have the same problem. I tried on Firefox and Google. Another poster with the same issue was advised to search using the counselor’s email. That works, but it’s a hassle. You have to go to the Merit Badge counselor list, get the email and then go back to add the connection using the email address. You can successfully search on the counselor’s name after finding the counselor using his/her email. :thinking:

Something is broken. Please ask the developers to return the previous functionality.

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@Dean & @CuongNguyen3 - parents should not be able to search for MBC. Nor is it their task to connect to them.


Please do look up the BSA Guide to Advancement and in particular the section on the merit badge program


Specifically instructed BY THE MERIT BADGE COUNSELOR to connect them to the merit badge under advancement in scoutbook, but the search feature is not working. Please fix it.

We can’t even find the mbc by email.

@CarriDorr @CuongNguyen3 @Dean

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I should have clarified. I am the Advancement Chair for our troop. I incorrectly made the assumption that CarriDorr had the correct permissions to add a merit badge counselor. Sorry for the confusion.

The search by name for me seems to have been restored.

That’s not an incorrect assumption. Parents are supposed to have permissions to add connections to their scout. If they can’t, that’s a bug.

Ah yes. Parents should be able to make connections. I was heading in the qring direction with access to merit badge counselor lists. If provided with the counselor info then i gather they should in theory be able to connect the scout to the counselor. Could be part of the search that is not functional.

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Parents should NOT be able to make those connections. The process is that the Scout must have a conversation with the SM, and the SM (or designee) connects the Scout with the MBC. This conversation gives the SM another opportunity to understand and connect with the Scout, and perhaps to recommend a specific counselor over another. It also helps the Scout in developing his communication skills with people outside his/her family.


Yes, parents should; it is their child and their right. However - they do not know who the MBC is unless the Scout has talked to the SM because neither the Scout nor the parent have the ability to look up Counselors.


That’s not true anymore because that function has been broken for a very long time. You get the error “No record found that satisfies the search criteria”. If you search for the counselor in the MB list they are there. You just can’t connect them. I tried every combination possible with 3 different browsers.

It’s broken. Period. I am a parent and when I try connect my husband to our scout, I can’t find him with the search tool. It doesn’t matter if I use his email address or his name. I’ve complained about it, the Cub master for our troup has complained and yet it still doesn’t function properly. The Cub Master and other leaders can’t connect my husband to our child either. It’s a bug. It does need to be fixed regardless of the Merit Badge Counselor issue that you’re debating.

@DeannaGazda The parent search has been broken for a long time. The MBC search is working when leaders try to search, but something is broken when parents try to search. Similar problems.

Development is aware of both issues; that does not appear to have been said in this thread.

FYI - as a parent - if you have a scoutbook account, you can connect yourself to your child on your My Connections page and clicking on the link in the paragraph text. You need to know your child’s DOB, last name, and BSA Member ID.


@PaulWohlrab - are you a parent or registered adult in the unit ? I tested the MBC search yesterday and it was successful. I am the committee chair so no issue as an adult leader.

I am Scoutmaster, Key 3, Advancement chair, New Member coordinator, Unit Training chair, and YPT champion. Searching for a counselor is not the problem. It’s trying to connect the Counselor to a scout. I also posted this on these forums and it was confirmed to be a bug. What they are doing about it I have no clue.

@PaulWohlrab - I have no issues connecting MBC to scouts.

Can you please clarify this statement? When you say searching is no problem for you personally, do you mean from the MBC List or from a scout’s add connections page? When we say search, we usually mean the latter.

It has been confirmed that non-registered parents can’t search (and also that you can’t search for non-registered parents), but as a scoutmaster you should be able to search for MBCs.

I can search and find any counselor I want from the MB counselor list. Any MB counselor will not be found when I search and try to connect them to a scout on the scouts add connection page. It doesn’t matter what scout or what counselor. Again, I was told it is a bug AND per another forum on the subject I am not the only one.