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Adding adult throws error

I’m trying to add adult leader BSA #132852230 as Committee Member. It throws an error and says it has notified the webmaster. This is holding up our recharter.

My BSA # 131828502

@JasonSeibel1 what error is shown? That BSA # is not currently a leader so a new leader application would be needed.

For us it throws an error: “Position is not allowed to multiple”

This is when we have removed a youth from the roster and are attempting to add them as an adult.

What I’m actually trying to do is add a leader to the recharter. She has completed her YPT but it and CBC still show red.

I thought if I added her to Scoutbook as a leader, it would update the recharter.

The error simply says an error has been logged and the webmaster(?) will fix it ASAP.

It looks like Heather Smithson’s YPT has sync’d on the recharter.

What is CBC Auth?

@JasonSeibel1 - criminal background check. Last page of adult application

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