Adding an existing Adult Den Leader to Internet Recharter *Error Received*

I am attempting to add an existing member (adult, postion: den leader) to my recharter who is already on my IA roster. When I enter the information required I get an error that says ‘Position is not allowed to multiple’ I am not sure why that is because he is not in my recharter to begin with. In my IA roster he is listed as ‘Tiger Cub Adult, Den Leader’. If needed, BSA number is 137231840. Thanks!

@MirandaVelonis is he in recharter as Tiger Adult?

@DonovanMcNeil he isn’t in the recharter roster at all. He needs to be added as a Den Leader

so you are clicking add existing member? Are you clicking DL or Tiger Den Leader?

I was clicking den leader, I didn’t see an option for tiger den leader. perhaps I need to check again.

I have not seen the pack side - so just guessing

@MirandaVelonis - tiger den leader is in the list…you have to scroll through the list.

A Tiger Cub Adult (Tiger Adult Partner) should be able to register in any other position.

Unfortunately I am still getting the same error when I try to select tiger den leader.

Is he on your roster in scoutbook or my.scouting?

I have two adults and 4 youth that are on all my rosters but not showing on the IA recharter list. They were there last week and showing $0 due for recharter. Then over the weekend they disappeared. A ticket has been written with National. Awaiting the fix. Nothing we can do on our end.
Only one youth paid online and paid for next year so I get the $0 due but now he is gone from recharter.

What are you clicking to try to add the den leader position?

@AliceCourtland he is on my roster in both scoutbook and my.scouting. I actually had the same exact thing happen that you experienced, the new members went in one week then disappeared the next. There is a solution that I found in this forum from @BrendaWashington which worked to add the missing members back in (except this one adult den leader that I just can’t fix)

Manage Members > Add New Member > Existing Member
Enter the member’s information and click the “Add Member” button. Member will be added, but as a multiple with $0 fee (which makes me think they are on another unit’s recharter)
Select checkbox next to member > Manage Members > Unmark As Multiple
Fees now correctly display.

Hope this helps you!

@jacobfetzer Manage members -->Add new member -->select existing member → then inputting the member name, member number, member type (adult) , primary position (tiger den leader in this case), email, birthdate

Thank you! That worked for the youth that I have. But to put in a birthrate for the adults, the calender won’t scroll back past Jan 1980.

Have you had that issue?

That sounds like the right procedure. I’ve reported this to the developers. I’m not sure how long they will need to look at it.

I’ve reported this to the developers.

I’ve not had to do this, but can you type the date in?

@jacobfetzer Thank you!

No. Haven’t been able to type in date.