Adding Adult training to Scout Book

I am trying to add training to Scout Book for our Scoutmaster. I am the assistant Scoutmaster & Co-Rank Advancement Chair. How do I add Trainers Edge (Scout Book H96)?

Training is entered through the training manager at my.scouting. It is no longer hosted in Scoutbook.

I believe you have to be one of the Key 3, or designated as either a Key 3 delegate or Training Chair in the Organizational Security Manager at my.scouting in order to access the Training Manager tool.


H96 is normally added by the course Instructor for the entire class.

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Ronald is correct this needs to be entered at the Council level.

Training Manager

My experience has been that members of the district training committee (with the function assigned in the Position Manager can add in-person training but not virtual online training completion.

Undates from my.Scouting tools website:

Organization Security Manager is now Position Manager:

National 04/27/2021

An update was made to the process of setting functional positions in your unit, district, and council. That has moved to the “Position Manager” tab on in the “Organization Manager” page. This update also now allows the Chartered Organization Representative to change adult registrations.

Member Manager renamed Roster

National 02/16/2021

The Member Manger tab on your drop down menu was renamed to better reflect its function and is now called Roster. All the same features you were use to are still available. Depending on your registered role, you may also have access to Organization manager as this is the main tool Roster is part of.

Audrey you ask a great question. I can see where things that are put on by your local council should be put in by the council, however in my case sometimes we have to go out to neighboring councils to get trained for things like WIlderness First Aid or if we go out to scout camp in another council and the adults take courses there, I find it hard to believe that the camp staff are going to dig into another councils Scoutbook and enter things. This seems a bit disjointed and needs a bit more thought for how to enter these items. I am hoping the Scoutbook staff see this entry and provide a quality replly


All training is stored in, it will not be tracked via Scoutbook.

If you take training out of council the best solution is to take your completion certificate to your Council staff or key 3 member at the level you are registered. Either can enter training into your record.


Members of the district training committee can also enter completions for adult in-person training.

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