I can not add a leader

Every time I try to add a leader or try to give someone administrative permissions in my pack it gives me an error.

Matt Barnett


Is the person you are trying to add registered? Only adults registered with the BSA on the BSA Member ID in their Scoutbook profile can be added to a unit as a leader or an admin.

When oh when will cub pack leader’s understand who is a registered leader

Please keep in mind that Lion and Tiger Adult Partners are not considered registered adult leaders by the BSA (no YPT, no criminal background check, not approved by COR, etc.).

Outside of that, if you would like to post some BSA member numbers (no names, please), we can look them up.

Stephen Thanks man, real helpful. I’m glad you aren’t on my committee.

Carry on

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Jennifer, thank you I’ll look into why his application has not been processed yet or if it has I’ll have to dig deeper.

@MattBarnett - sorry … but Pack Committee Chair and it is what it is… everyone else stated the very same thin but I am wrong…oh well

It is not what was said, it is how it was said. Simply Stephen, proactive is better than demeaning to a whole group. “When oh when will cub pack leader’s understand who is a registered leader”
There are always new Cub Pack Leaders, thank God. Otherwise Scouting would be harder to organize with no bottom/ starting point.

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@PhillipHubbard_Jr - yes i get that but month after month of “scoutbook bugs” that turned up to be non registered adults attempting to be added as leaders in a pack… it ultimately means there is a disconnect on who is a registered leader

We are ultimately doing a disservice to packs by not informing and training them properly

We should come up with a short and sweet few sentences on the issue. Then we could copy and paste each time. This would also be a good national roundtable issue. It could also be added to training, but our training systems seem to not be updatable as new information comes along.

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I do not disagree that more training is needed. But to answer the way you did is not very friendly, courteous, or kind.

I am not a new Cub Master, but I am new to Scoutbook. I have an issue with a system that my Council is strongly suggesting I start using, and most on here were trying to help, and all you did was basically call me an idiot. I hope that you do not treat your scouts this way when they ask a question that you feel is stupid because I thought we were all here to help others.

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