Cant Add Adult Leader

I am trying to add an adult to our leadership to help with advancements. She has a scoutbook account with member ID 13781668. When I go to the roster, click on “add leader” and search for her with her name, email address, and ID number it says they cannot find a record of her. She was our old Advancement chair so I don’t know what happened.

She must be a registered leader in order to add her to Scoutbook. Has she completed an adult application, YPT and the background check authroization?

Looks like her registered position was ended at Recharter

I assume that’s what it is. However, I have 3 other adult leaders that were dropped from the recharter but still show on the adult roster with a caution symbol which I assume means they are not registered with council. She was the only one completely dropped. She just needs access for the transition to the new leader. We will figure it out or have her pay for an adult application again.


The “other” leaders probably have a current registration in a council, district or another unit which is why they were not removed from your roster.

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