Cannot add leader from Troop into Pack

I have a member, who is a Tiger Cub Adult in our Pack, but is also a registered adult leader in another troop. I’m trying to add that member to our Pack for recharter as a committee member, but it won’t allow me to do it. How do I add the person? The Individual’s BSA ID is: 13777198

@MelissaShirah - did this adult fill out an application, criminal background check authorization and complete YPT ?

Try the add existing member option. They will have two entries on your recharter.

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Yes, but all with another Troop. She is a committee member on a troop. I’m trying to add her as a committee member to our Pack as well.

It gives me the error that: This position cannot multiple.

@MelissaShirah - they would need a new application for the pack.

Perhaps try an add new from application as she is not a registered leader in the pack.

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