Updating member information button not working

I’m trying to update the position of a few members, but I keep receiving an error “Position cannot be updated” when I click the pencil next to the member to try to change the member’s primary position. For example, one of the members is currently registered as Tiger Cub Adult and I need to change them to Den Leader, but the error appears every time I try to update it.

Tiger Cub Adult is not a registered position which probably explains the error message. This adult will need to complete an adult application, YPT and sign the Criminal Background Check form.

Even though they’re showing up on our roster on the Rechartering site? Do I remove them then and re-add them as a Den Leader?

They will still recharter as Tiger Adult Partners because there must be 1 partner for every Tiger.

They will also need an adult application, complete youth protection training and provide the criminal background check authorization.

They will need to do this IF they become adult leader: like Den Leader or Committee member

So is a new application needed any time someone’s position changes? It’s not something that can be updated online?

A new application is needed for new adult leaders in the unit. Adult Partners are not adult leaders so in your case, someone becoming a Den Leader needs to complete an application.

Changing from one adult leader position in the unit to another position does not require a new application.

A new application is needed when they are a new leader in a given unit - you are able to change registered leaders positions online with my.scouting.org > Organization Manager > Position Manager - but only the Charter organization Rep or Delegate can do this

@LauraHild - the failure is an indication to the unit that they can not just add at will. A tiger adult is NOT A REGISTERED LEADER.

Ok thanks everyone! I will make sure they fill out an application.

One other quick question. There are some red circles under some leaders’ YPT and/or CBC forms, but I uploaded their forms in the system and they’re showing as an attachment (paper clip next to their name). Will I still be able to validate even with the red circles?

Yes - council will just have to manually enter the CBC - YPT is a different issue if you entered a BSA # - that means it is not in the system or they took it under a different BSA #

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