Adding BSA number to existing profile

Hello, One of our parents has now become a MC. They took YPT and I tried adding their BSA number to their record so I could sync the training. When I tried to save the change, I got the following error message.

BSA Member #: The BSA Member Number already exists under another user account in Scoutbook. Please check the number or try to remove the number from the other account first.

But I can’t find the other account to remove it from.

Any suggestions?

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the other account is probably under there credential sign in to Scoutbook. I think if the parent signed in as normal then used Switch SSO Profile under their account it would solve it

This is a recurring issue. I have been adding the parent’s new account to Scoutbook, and then submitting a merge request. BSA/Scoutbook needs to publish guidelines on how to properly handle this scenario. I have a number of parents that are completing YPT, and thereby creating a new account with a MemberID.

They should be able to log in with old account then use Switch SSO under their account > that would populate their BSA #

@DonovanMcNeil Thank you, this is very helpful information. It will definitely help me stop creating as many help tickets.

It would be really helpful if this capability could be shared with the Unit Admin. We have parents that we are lucky if they log into Scoutbook at all, never mind getting them to try and do this. I’ll work on putting together a simple 1-page directions with screenshots. I realize that this might seem overkill, but it might be what it takes to get some of these parents to do this.

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