Adding Leader: Scoutbook is not returning user name

I’m trying to add my wife as a committee member, however on the Add New Leader page, her name, email and BSA ID are not found in Scoutbook. What do we do?

Is she a registered leader?

Not yet, but trying to get her into Scoutbook so she can help with kick off. Am I correct in thinking that by registered leader you mean, adult volunteer who has gone through the background check?

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Yes, it requires an adult application.

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…prior to being able to add as a leader in Scoutbook.

In principle, within a day or so after a new scouter appears in your official roster at my.scouting, they will also appear in your Scoutbook roster. Ideally, for someone who already has an account, they used the same name, date of birth, email address and other identifying information in their adult application so that the system auto-matches the account (and doesn’t create a new one).

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