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I cant add my scout to scoutbook, it shows his profile but wont link it to the correct district

@GeorgeRenda do not understand what you are trying to do? there is no adding scouts - it happens automatically when they register? Can you explain?

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I have a Scoutbook account but the leader wants my son to have his own account, the leader told me to link mine to his but I cant

Have you gone to My Connections page > click the Red text at the top about adding a Scout as a parent and enter in the info?

Yes it shows him there

The leader said go to Edit Extended information and invite him, I do that and it says go to edit profile and then nothing

I was able to create an account for him but its not linking to his current council, it shows the old council from several years ago, and shows his BSA number as the old council. So this account is useless as he cant access the current troop info

so with the Scouts account can you sign into if so click manage Member ID > add the new BSA # and make it primary > then they should be good

ok we just tried doing exactly that. we tried adding his new Member ID number from his new district. when we click ADD MEMBER ID we get a pop-up notification THE PROVIDED MEMBER ID DOES NOT MATCH THE EXISTING USER PROFILE

OK post the BSA #s and I can take a look

his current info is

SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:
Previous BSA Member ID:

@GeorgeRenda there already is a Sign in with Google setup for the new user.

the old member ID listed on the Manage Member ID is 140823989 Washington Council. when we try to add his new ID to the Manage Member ID we get the error message THE PROVIDED MEMBER ID DOES NOT MATCH THE EXISTING USER PROFILE so we cant add his new number and make the new number/district the primary

It is all fixed now - and sign in with google will get the scout to the correct accounts

ok we signed in with his email and its connecting us to a fresh blank account of his not his account with all of his information. does he somehow have 2 different accounts? I am so lost here

ok it looks like he has 2 scoutbook accounts,

SB user ID 6155690 (is the one with all his information)
SB user ID 13634485 (is the account that we have no idea why exists)

both accounts seem to have REMOVED BY ADMIN as its email. can you get rid of the unused account and make the one primary? Monmouth troop 60

@GeorgeRenda ok now all is fixed

ok that seems to have fixed it!

thank you very much for all of your help

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