Adding parents in Scout book and Internet Advancement

We are having trouble with Internet Advancement. When leader with full access try to edit a profile we get the following error.

“Logged-in user does not have access to this API.”

Another issue in Scoutbook…we have two scouts and their parents we are trying to connect. Parent A is connected to scout A and parent B is connected scout B. When trying to connect parent A to scout B, I open scout B’s profile and click connections, then click add. On the search screen I am unable to find parent A by search. I entered their first name, last name, full name, the name as it appears on scout A’s profile and I don’t see any results. How can this be fixed?

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The Parent Search is broken right now

If the parent is in the unit already by a position or another Scout you can use Connection Manager under Roster, then go to the connection and click the Parent Checkbox

The most reliable workaround is, if the parents have a account, is for them to log into Scoutbook with their ID and PW, navigate to My Account → My Connections then click the “Connect to Scout as Parent/Guardian” near the top of the page. The parent will need the Scout’s BSA Member ID, last name and date of birth to connect.

If the parent does not have a ID, they should create one then use the process above.

Alternately, you can ask your Council to add a connection between the Scout and parent in Registrar Tools. About 24 hours later, the Scout & Parent will be connected. The parent will still need a ID to access Scoutbook.

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