Adding permissions for new treasurer

I’m having issues getting our new treasurer the correct permissions to be able to make edits in the troop’s payments logs. We go into his Scoutbook profile, but when we work through the “my positions” section, it doesn’t allow us to add any positions. There doesn’t appear to be a Treasurer position in the position manager of! Is it possible to add this?


Treasurer is a functional role of a Committee Member. Have you registered this individual as a Committee Member?

Yes. He is registered as a committee member. When I go into his profile in Scoutbook, I don’t see anywhere to make him the treasurer. Really, we’re just trying to get him the permissions to make payment changes. I went into the connections manager and cannot give him full control. I’m the troop’s committee chair.

@DavidHeinrich If you post the leader’s BSA member number, we can take a look. (No names, please)

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