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Changing Activities & JTE

Evning All,

Two questions related to the change in processing activities in IA2.

  1. I have several activities (service hours) created last year in SB. We had been marking them with a note for Conservation Hours. I wanted to go back and update service hours for a project involving multiple scouts to denote them as conservation hours. In IA2, if I goto the Scout’s record and attempt to edit the activities, IA2 lets me make changes, but won’t let me save the changes. If I instead goto to the History log from the main screen and find each entry, I can only change the hours or delete the entry for that scout.
    Is this a permission issue? Saw a different thread stating that only key 3 could edit approved entries - not an advancement chair.
    Is my only recourse to delete the old activity for each scout and recreate in IA2 as a new event?

  2. When I attempted to edit a service hour activity previously entered in SB. I saw this message at the top: “This activity entry is from the Legacy Scoutbook.com service logs and does not count toward Journey to Excellence (JTE)”. Any clarification on what this means? Should these activities not count toward JTE? Is this just another problem with the change to IA2 in that the JTE reporting cant pull old SB entries correctly?

Charles Collings

  1. Right now the imported logs are not really editable
  2. This was a decision made by national cause we could not know what units had actively been using servicehours.scouting.org and they did not want double hours entered, so the SB Service logs that were imported will not auto flow to the JTE system.
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