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Adding Scout to Scoutbook

We recently had a Den Leader start adding Scouts on their own, skipping past enrollment process. No application, no payment. Our Committee Chair, caught this before she actually added any Scout. Is there a way to block them from adding Scouts?

I believe that anyone designated as a Den Admin can add scouts to the den, as long as they know the process. The system is generally intended to make it easier to accomplish tasks, rather than more restrictive. Typically, this is handled via unit procedures and leader education.

One approach might be to point out that, unless scouts are properly registered, they will not be able to have their advancement approved and submitted o the BSA database. In addition, after (I think) 90 days, they will drop off of the roster automatically.

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We are worried if this would affect our JTE Award. Afraid that a Scout added then decide not to do before paying, would that count against us for retention. We will be discussing this in out committee meeting. Thank you.

Any den admin can add Scouts to a den. You could remove the den admin roll but that would also prevent the den leader from editing the den’s calendar.

Adding a Scout in Scoutbook will not affect JTE in any way. The BSA uses official registrations for retention metrics.

I suggest having a discussion with the den leader. It could simply be the leader does not understand the entire process and did not realize registering a Scout requires more than just adding them in Scoutbook.


That also means their award won’t show up on the purchase order (shopping list). So, there’s your incentive to the DL to get new scouts properly registered.

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