Error when adding new Den Leader

Trying to add 12516902 as a Den Leader and I get this error. He is a current parent of one of our Scouts, and he was a Den Leader for our Bear Den this past year. He seems to have just dropped off of our roster. When I try to add him back on, I get this error. Any thoughts on how I fix this? Thanks!

@MichaelHobson1 - my first thought is that this person was never registered with your unit. If you check are they they there… most likely not. Adult Application approved by the unit COR and submitted to council please.

This leader’s registration ended on 12/31/2020. Scoutbook only allows adding registered leaders to a roster. You will need to register the adult then he will be added to Scoutbook the day after he is added to your official roster.

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Thank you - that makes perfect sense as he was out on deployment for a long while.

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