Den leader can not see new scouts

Our wolf den leader can only see the seven scouts we had in the tiger den last year. We have added 5-6 new scouts to that den and he isn’t able to add rank advancement info. Any help would be appreciated.

There are a couple of potential issues that could be checked by a Scoutbook Unit Admin/Key 3 member. The first is verifying that the new scouts have been added to the den, which I assume you did based on your statement that you added them.

Most likely, if the scouts are already added to the den, the DL’s Den Admin role isn’t set up, or needs to be refreshed. To do that, a Unit Admin or Key 3 would go to:

Scoutbook → My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Pack ### → Roster → DL’s name

then either add a Den Admin role for the current den or click on the den admin role, verify that it’s associated with the current den, and re-approve it. Sometimes, the Den/Patrol/Unit admin roles get glitched behind the scenes for some reason and have to be reset, even though they look fine visually from the UI side.

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Are your Den Leaders also Den Admins for their assigned den?

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