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Adding second parent with same email as first

Hello! I’m trying to add a second parent to a scout. They have a family email, so I get a warning that there is already someone with that email connected to the scout. What can I do?

Nothing - SB requires unique emails - many email systems like Gmail use a (+) email scheme

Example - if I enter email - it is a new email address but lands at the same address. That is one option

The other option is using the SMS email address for the parents Cell phone.

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I’ll try it with Yahoo. Thanks!

Not sure if it will work with Yahoo

If they share an email address, why do they need two Scoutbook accounts? All notifications will still go to the same email address.

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Many applications use email addresses as a userid to identify an individual. For youth projection and control of private information each individual needs to have a unique email address. The one exception is were federal (and state?) laws do not allow young children to have unsupervised access to the internet. In that case access to email is under the control of the parent and a parent’s email address is used.

True, but that wasn’t the question. The question was “How can I add a second parent that’s using the same email address as the first parent?” And I don’t understand how/why creating a second parent account with the same contact info is of use for anyone.

Of course, it’s 2019, and I don’t really understand how anyone shares an email account or social media account in the first place… They’re trivial to create and manage, and a huge pain to disentangle if that ever has to happen.

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The original question was:

The answer is still “nothing” in Scoutbook. The my.Scouting and Scoutbook require a unique email address for each individual for security and confidentiality reasons. You need get an unique email addresses for each individual account.

Actually, I think having more than one parent associated with the scout’s account is valuable, even if they actually only used one email address. Having both parents’ phone numbers associated with the scout is very useful. Eventually, being able to see both parents’ medical form status, leader positions, etc in a report form would be similarly useful.

That said, I’m not clear why one couldn’t simply create another email address (e.g. at Google or Yahoo) that automatically forwards to the preferred email address.

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Let’s say I have a couple with the same email address. I just use one parent’s contact info, they get the invitation to set up a Scoutbook account, and they both use the login info to monitor their Scout’s progress. And then one becomes a leader with admin privileges. The non-Scouter parent (you know, the one who didn’t fall for the “Be a Scouter! It’s only about an hour a week!” line in the training videos), needs a separate account that can’t access other Scouts’ information.

As for shared email accounts, sometimes they’re easier to use when it comes to dealing with schools, doctors’ offices, sports teams, and other entities that want to have a single point of contact. And I would like to have fewer things with usernames and passwords, not more!

The single point of contact should be the parents not the children. However I suggest setting up the email accounts with a group email address that forwards email to individual accounts.

When I was first married my wife and I had a joint email that we used for everything except work. That became an issue when both had separate interests that generated a lot of email.

However the main issue is that to try keep confidential information private using email (which is not secure when being sent across the internet) you need to start with unique email address for each individual.

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