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Two parents with one email account

How can you add two parents with one email account to a scouts account?

Out of the box, I don’t think so. BUT, if it’s a g-mail account, you can add things to it and it automatically works. Like if their e-mail is, then you could use and and it will work. That’s a little trick that I use on my g-mail accounts all the time (it allows me to filter e-mail coming in from different sources).


Hi, George,

@PatrickCox is correct. Scoutbook requires unique email addresses for every account. The trick with the gmail accounts definitely works, as we used that with our son when we first set up his Scoutbook account so he could log in, even though he didn’t have his own email account. Now that he’s older, he has his own email address and the account points to that email address.

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