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Cannot edit profile for two parents with same email address

I have several scouts with two parents connected to their scout via a single email address. When I try to edit the parents profile to add a cell number (or change any other information in their profile), I get the message “This email address already exists under another account.” and prevents me from adding the cell number for either parent. Does each parent require a unique email address so I can add the cell number?

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Yes, each person / parent needs to have a separate e-mail address in Scoutbook.

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One work-around for this, if they happen to share a gmail address, is to have the email addresses modified to:


Everything starting with the “+” and ending with (but not including) the “@” is treated as a tag by Google, and both emails deliver to emailAddress@gmail.com. However, for Scoutbook’s purposes, they are unique addresses, and can be used for two different accounts.


I’m assuming that both parents’ accounts are already in the system, but with the same email address (which I think can only be done by the registrar, since users can’t create an account with a “duplicate” email address). If that’s not the case, it should be as easy as assigning the unique email address on the front end.

Assuming that you have to get the email addresses changed:
It may be necessary to have whichever parent can currently log into their account with that email address do so, then change their email address to the “emailAddress+Parent1@gmail.com” form under My Dashboard -> My Account -> Email. That way, I think, the other account will free-up and be reachable with just emailAddress@gmail.com. At that point, they can “correct” that email address to the “+Parent2” form via the same pathway.

If that doesn’t work, you may have to send email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org to have them change the email addresses to unique values.


Thank you Charley, that worked with the gmail addresses. Nice trick to know!


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