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Can 2 scouts in same family share a parents email

Can 2 scouts in same family share a parents email address or do you need a different email per scout

Every user in Scoutbook needs a unique e-mail address.

If you are using gmail (and possibly some others) you can add a +qualifier before the @ to make the address unique to Scoutbook but share an address. Gmail ignores everything from the + to the @.

For example nomail@gmail.com and nomail+scout@gmail.com will be unique to Scoutbook but gmail will deliver everything to nomail@gmail.com.

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That was quick thank you so much.

Also, as a clarification, each account is unique. For example, the parent would have one Scoutbook account (with its unique email address), and that Scoutbook account would be associated with both scouts as a Parent/Guardian connection type. You don’t need a separate parent account for each scout in a family. However, for each scout in the family to log in under his or her own Scoutbook account, the parent would need to enter a unique email address to invite the scout to connect to his or her account.

In that context (or for two parents sharing the same email who want their own Scoutbook logins), @edavignon’s method works well. We’ve used it a great deal in our unit for families who don’t want the scout to have his own email address, but they want the scout to be able to interact with Scoutbook (e.g. enter advancement and award data, add notes/ photos, etc).

So I have 2 brothers who has a single dad both scouts have the dads email that was downloaded from counsel what happens when I send a invite for scouts to one email.

@LeonDemers - I am not sure I follow what you are referring to, but I have a guess. You may be looking at the parent connection to the scout rather than the scout themselves having login ability. The parent would have to invite the scout and not council.

when I send an invite to a parent to join scout book if i invite same parent with same email but 2 different scouts.

Hi, @LeonDemers,

If you invite one parent to connect to two scouts, the parent only needs one email address/Scoutbook account, and will show both scouts connected to that one account.


It will look something like this from the parent’s account when completed:

OK that’s cool I guess I will have to get parents to set up as an administrator I cant correct.

If you have leader full control over the scouts and you send an invite to one parent from two different scouts (brothers in this case), the parent receives two invites to log in. When the parent first logs in using one invite, the connection to the first scout is made. I think the connection to the second scout also happens at the same time, but have never tried this.

@LeonDemers - what is you role and/or position in the unit ? You may well be able to do this, but I thought you posted that the parents were uploaded by council ? Are they already listed as connected to the scout but with the “changemyemail” as their email address ?

I am an administrator full access I started scout book for are troop. It does not say changeable for brothers but does if a scout has 2 emails that were down loaded from council. None have made connection yet getting ready to start that process I was preparing myself for questions I know I will get.

They were imported by member update

@LeonDemers - So the scouts have a parent added but not connected, and it is the same parent. I would take a look at the parents as the email listed in their profile is a bogus one and most likely says changemyemail and should be edited to be the correct email. Is that where you are in the process ?

Getting ready to invite parents using email that were imported by member update.
At this point I think I will send out invites and see what happens fix when I know there is a problem. I’m probably over thinking it.

@LeonDemers - I would check that email first before sending out the invite… our parents came in with a “changemyemail” as the email account.

will do.
thanks everyone

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