ADL not in Den roster in scout book

Question: As an ADL I was able to help DL put in scoutbook the achievements earned but now I can’t. I’m also not able to access the scout in roster to be able to add there achievements.
I’m also not in the scoutbook Den Leader Roster but I was. Does anyone have any idea?

Yep. That is the answer. Pretty easy to fix. YPT, application, $45 bucks and back at it!

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Well gee why couldn’t my CM figure. Lol with 2 kids involve they two parents volunteers that you be waived.


Only registered leaders are able to be listed as leaders in Scoutbook and be connected to Scouts that are not their children with more than View Profile/View Advancement. You will need to renew your Youth Protection Training as it is expired and turn in an adult application and criminal background check authorization form.

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