Troop admin doesn't have rights to scouts

I have a leader in my troop that has been assigned the troop admin role, but can’t do anything with the scouts. In connection manager she shows only view profile and view advancement for all the scouts, and I cannot seem to adjust it even though I am also a troop admin. Sorry to post here, but since I can’t open support tickets this is my only way of requesting support. Let me know what information you need to investigate.


Does the leader appear on your official roster at Does their BSA ID match what’s in their Scoutbook account?

If you post only the BSA ID(no name needed), SUAC may be able to identify the issue.

No, they do not appear on There have been scouts we have registered that have been dropping off as well, frustrating. BSA ID is 121728006. Thank you for replying.

Until their registration is straightened out with council, you won’t be able to assign any leader roles (including functional roles like admins) in Scoutbook.

Someone from SUAC may be able to determine when the adult dropped off of your official roster. Some have access to the person database and others don’t.

The last time this individual with initials KK was registered with a unit was 12/31/2019. She is registered as a Merit Badge Counselor so this appears to be a bug.

If she is supposed to be a registered unit in your leader you will need to contact your Council to get her registration processed.

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Strange she even shows up then if she is not on the roster in my.scouting. I have have plenty of others drop off that were no longer registered. Wonder why she is different.

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