Adult Application in - systems wants YPT even though it is there

We have an adult application pending in This is a multiple application - he is already registered as a primary in another unit. His YPT doesn’t expire until 08/01/24. But the CoR cannot accept/approve the application because the system says it needs his YPT.
Any suggestions? Thanks.

I would start by verifying that the YPT they took is both the “mandatory” version (not the "continuing education version) and that it’s associated with the BSA ID that the adult is trying to multiple from.

@CarolynMiller If you post the adult’s BSA member ID number we can take a look. (No names, please.)

Thanks. His BSA ID # is 5066954. The other odd thing is that the application screen shows he is applying to Crew 0002, even though he is already a multiple in crew 0002:



Based on what I can see, everything looks OK.

Please ask your local council to submit a help ticket on your behalf to National.