Adult merge

We have an adult member with two BSA IDs – # 112472884 (YPT expired) and 13344806 (new YPT certificate).
He has tried to manage these numbers in his own account (with the #13 to match the new YPT) but his YPT (and new number) are not appearing on our Troop website or reports.

@ThomasGlave they have 2 usernames - one is (firstname)(lastname) - then one is email which he has used more recently - which do they want to keep?

I will keep the email - the other has not been used for 5 years it seems

I just called him to ask. He’s going to doublecheck which one he has access to – knows the password. But that can be changed after too, right?

yeah - I will give it a few - I am sure it is the email

@ThomasGlave any update? lol before I lose the thread

Thank you for checking back. I didn’t hear back. Please go ahead and fix what you can and he can figure out his password later.

Well both usernames are live - it is just we want to retire one for best performance

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