Adult applied to wrong unit

An adult leader who was meant to apply to our Troop, accidentally chose our Pack from beascout (same unit number). I am Committee Chair for the Pack but cannot find any way to reject his application in Application Manager. I have asked the Council if they can reassign him to the Troop (I am a Key 3 delegate for the Troop) but they have not been able to do that. How can we clear his application that was done in error so he can reapply to the Troop? Can he go in and withdraw it and will he get refunded in a timely manner? If we wait for it to time out will he get his money back? My only other solution is to accept him to the Pack, have him reapply to the Troop where he will not pay any fees and then drop him from the Pack’s recharter - but that seems convoluted. Same COR for both.

Your COR or COR delegate can reject or reassign them.

Does that mean as Pack Committee Chair I should go ahead and hit the recommend button (there is no other choice) to get it to the COR? Or can he go in and reassign before I do that?

I’m not sure if they’d see it without your recommendation. You could try.

COR is in charge of adult applications - they can at least reject it

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if he does reject it, do you know if the applicant gets refunded right away?

I imagine the council has to do something - cause rejected apps are usually sent to other units

CORs have a reassign button. We had this happen where an adult accidentally applied to the girls troop instead of the boys. Reassign worked without them having to reapply.

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I don’t know about right away. I do recall seeing some apps in the district that were “awaiting refund”. They may not get refunded the credit card processing fees.

The key is the COR to reassign.

So our COR went in and the only reassign option was back to the District (or else return to the applicant but I don’t want to get into that because of fees).

So it is sitting there with a note “waiting reassignment to another unit by the District” We’ll see if they can get him to the right place. Stay tuned.

I assume you let someone on the district team know. For us, that is our DE.

Perhaps adding a note to it which unit they need to be reassigned to would help. That must be a step I wasn’t aware of.

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I am the committee chair. I had a similar thing happen. A trained committee member show up on my roster that I didn’t know. To my knowledge, our COR never accepted his application. Anyway, I called him and he confirmed he was supposed to be with the troop of our same number (located on the opposite side of the state from us.) I emailed our district executive and he took care of it.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. We tried them but sad to say none of them worked in this situation. Our COR, our DE and our Council registrar were all unable to make the system transfer his application. The working theory is we could not do it because it was from a Pack to a Troop - i.e. different programs (although same Chartered Org and COR). All of your experiences were Troop to Troop I believe. Anyway, we have cancelled his application and waiting to see how long the refund takes, then he’ll apply again - this time to the correct unit.

Nope. Done both. Troop2troop and Pack2Troop.