Adult Transitioning to Troop (while staying active in Pack)

This is our first time ‘transitioning’ Scouts from the Pack to the Troops fully online. One of our parents wants to have a joint/multiple registration with both the Pack and the Troop, but her online application seems to be hung up.

Note that our Troop has a different Chartering Organization than the Pack does. Not sure if it’s relevant, but. . .

When I look at her application from the Troop side, I only have 2 options “Reassign” and “Do Not Accept.” If I select “Reassign” it wants me to enter the unit, but it won’t accept me typing in the troop number or “Troop xxxx” or any other variation I can think of. It looks like there should be a drop down menu, but it doesn’t load–it has hung multiple times every day for over a week now.

My DE said to reject the application and have her try again. . .but that gives me a warning that selecting that button means I don’t feel she’s qualified to hold any position in Scouting and that is NOT the case at all.

Has anyone run into this issue? Any ideas? Am I missing something obvious? Thanks!

What is your position with the troop on My.Scouting?

Im the Committee Chair.

Did you try using the transfer tool in my.scouting and selecting multiple?
more info here: Transferring from Another Unit - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

Yes. That’s how we got here.

If she isn’t a parent of someone in the pack she has to apply to the pack for a leadership position in the pack, if her son or daughter is moving to a troop.

She is the parent of a Scout in the Pack and has been a registered Pack member for years. She is also the parent of a Scout now in the Troop, which is why she is willing to be a registered adult with the Troop as well.

My questions are:

  • Why do I only have 2 options?
  • Why doesn’t the “Reassign” option let me select the Troop on the appropriate screen?
  • Why isn’t there an option to reject/close the application without tagging the adult as someone who should not be involved in Scouting. That seems like a nuclear option, when I just want to close the application and try again, or maybe do a paper application in this instance.
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I believe the COR is the only position allowed to approve adult position applications.


I believe that @GregWilliams is correct. In looking at the setup of my units it is COR approval with the option of CC recommendation. Adult on-line applications are not allowed however in my council nor any others in PA.

Thank you, Greg and Stephen! I’m sure that’s what the ‘issue’ is. Appreciate the second set of eyes. I’ll reach out to our COR.


You may find this resource useful.

Like the OP experienced, though, the CC can reject.

I believe the Executive Officer can also approve applications. And the Chartered Org. Rep. can use the Organization Security Manager to designate a COR Delegate.

Organization Security Manager is now Position Manager:

National 04/27/2021

An update was made to the process of setting functional positions in your unit, district, and council. That has moved to the “Position Manager” tab on in the “Organization Manager” page. This update also now allows the Chartered Organization Representative to change adult registrations.