Adult can't log into Scoutbook - has two MID now

An adult parent of a Lion was unable to log into Scoutbook. He apparently attempted to create a new account, which was successful, but now has two different MID created, and cannot get them merged, because he cannot log into my.scouting to manage the MID. Any suggestions? He is not a registered leader (yet) but will be soon, which may create yet another MID.

MID 1: 13925173
User 1: 11955459

MID 2: 14167434
User 2: 12371407

Any help appreciated, including any tips for why he can’t log into Scoutbook using the email he’s signed up with on User 1? That’s what started his attempts to fix.

Thank you!

The reason why a second BSA member number was created is because the first one does not have a date of birth (DOB), so the matching algorithm did not find a match.

I will request that the user name that is an e-mail be retired.

His Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

@CraigTuttle This is fixed now. This adult needs to log in with his my.scouting user name and password – not his e-mail. He should be using BSA member number 13925173, because it is the one with a DOB.

Thank you. He is logged in, but it’s showing a different member number in his account (the other one). But all seems to be working, otherwise.


Sorry, I meant 14167434 is the one with the DOB. Too much multi-tasking today!

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