Parent not able to login into Scoutbook

BSA# 137416439. Parent tries to login with “Sign in with Google” but it keeps on spinning. They haven’t been logged before.



There is no ID attached to that BSA Member ID. This will prevent Scoutbook from logging in.

So should she go to and create her account or just loging?

Yes, she must have a ID to log into Scoutbook.

She created account in and is able to login. But when she tries to login in Scoutbook with the same account, it just keeps spinning. She closed all the browsers and tried this. she is using google chrome.

It sounds like instead of attaching to MID 137416439 it created a new one. In if she clicks on the avatar in the upper right it will display the MID attached to that account. With that number, I will be able to find her ID.

Her MID is 14003035. Please let me know if you need any further information?

This is fixed. She had 2 BSA Member IDs. I have put the ID you specified on her Scoutbook account and added her other ID to her ID as a secondary number.

She is able to login. Thanks for your help.

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