Adult invitation code not working

I have an adult who is trying to invite her scout in Scoutbook but the invitation code isn’t working.

@SarahHouts What is the Scout’s BSA member number?

135698068 is her BSA number

@SarahHouts The Scout has 2 BSA member numbers with slightly different dates of birth.

The other one has Google sign in turned on.

Would the parents prefer to create a new username for the Scout at my.Scouting? Or I can link the correct BSA member number to her username with Google sign in turned on.

If you can link the BSA number 135698068 to her username with the Google sign-in turned on, that would be great. Do her parents need to do anything further?

@SarahHouts I just fixed everything.

If they could have her log in at my.Scouting and double-check her date of birth there. When she logs in, she needs to use the Sign in with Google button.

If her date of birth is wrong, the local council should be able to fix it with their Registrar Tools.

I will do that. Thanks so much for your help!

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