Parent Unable to Connect

We have a parent who is unable to connect. Scoutbook says invitation sent. Parent trys to log in and cannot. Tries to reset password and it does not come.

Scout is id: 137330567


If it is RR - she has a account - she should be using that to sign in

It looks like the parent’s BSA member number is 137330568.

She has 2 usernames at my.scouting. One has Google sign in turned on. If she wants to use that one, she needs to use the “Sign in with Google” button, her Google name, and her Google password.

If she would rather use the other one, let us know and we can request that the one with Google sign in be retired.

Edited to add: Also, her middle name appears to be misspelled. Please contact your local council to get the spelling of her middle name corrected.

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