Adult Leader Application Throwing an Error

I have an adult trying to register so that he can once again be our Advancement Chair (he was in 2021 but apparently this position has to be a registered position now for some reason).

From the adult - “Third time filling form out with this error and I’m not getting errors in any fields until I sign it”

Error Code: the following keywords are unknown and will be ignored:
[maxValue, minValue], Message: Invalid Request

Any suggestions? Thanks.

I can’t comment on the error but I can tell you per BSA policy, the unit advancement chair has always had to be registered as this is a unit committee role. Scoutbook started enforcing this policy last year.

It maybe that the Unit (or Council) are requiring hardcopy applications.
From my reading of items in this forum some states require hardcopy applications and even if the council does NOT require hardcopy some units may still required hardcopy.
If the system is NOT allowing the electronic application the adult could always be able to use hardcopy.
Otherwise I have no idea why.

Thanks for the thought Michael. Our council doesn’t require hardcopies. In fact, the system worked for 3 other leaders. The problem with paper copies is they get lost and don’t get processed in a timely manner. We are trying to exclusively use the online system to get folks up and running ASAP.

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Just figured it out tonight. When entering the phone number, you have to make sure a country is selected. My leader was logged in and everything autofilled, so it wasn’t obvious to select a country for the phone number.