Adult leader archery / bb training in myScouting?

Is there a place in MyScouting where I can view which adults in my pack have completed archery or BB training?

A unit Key 3 member (Cubmaster, Committee Chair, Charter Org Rep) or Key 3 delegate, may be able to get the information form Training Manager in You would need to look at each adult leader’s training records.

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I think both of these are a pretty big deal training, no? They should have some certificate issued from the training.

To look it up, a key 3 or delegate that can go to Training Manager, go to Quick Search, enter the person’s first and last names, the select the right person, and it should be listed. There is an option to record it. So, if the trainer did the legwork, it could be there…

To search:

There is an option for the trainer to record those particular training sessions.