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There used to be a tool to look up any other adult’s training records. We regularly run cross-unit and cross-council events and we used to verify the training records for adults, but I can’t find that tool any more. Does it still exist?


Recommend you bookmark it.

That tool will likely be taken down at some point since it was on the Scoutnet technology stack which is on its way out. The closest to that functionality I’m aware of is the Quick Search in the Training Manager set of tools, but I believe it is restricted to council-wide searching, at least for someone district level.

When you have a scouter’s member ID# and their last name, you can use the “Betty bot” on the my.scouting home page to verify training.

Terrible design - why would anyone even think of looking there???
Would be nice to be able to see everything like the old tool.

What would really be nice is a list of completed training by Scouter for Training Committee, to recognize at Roundtables etc. Plus understand training needs.

Commissioners have access to these reports.

The display only shows the last 10 trainings the scouter has done. If they have done more than 10, then there is a line “and xx more”. Clicking the “and xx more” will download a csv file of all their training. This is not as easy to use as the old report, but it does include everything they have done that has been entered. It is okay if you are looking for one training or module. It becomes tedious if you are checking for position specific training completion, which has many modules.

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One approach to tackling position-specific training completion is to ask the scouters to send you their training reports from my.scouting. It’s (reasonably) easy for us to pull our own completions by “Positions Trained” by going to:

my.scouting → left side menu → My Training → Completions

then, click on “Viewing: Completions”, above the table and select “Positions Trained”.

I find the interface substantially less than intuitive myself, but once you know what to look for, it’s easier to find the hidden menus that don’t (to me at least) look like they should be menus.

Even if you only get a fraction of the total number of scouters responding, you can either follow-up with the stragglers or use the 'bot to extract the results for their records.

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Did you mean “district-wide”? When I was registered as a member of a district training committee, I was limited to that district’s training records in the Training Manager web tool. I believe this is also true for district-level commissioners corps.


Perhaps. I just tried some searches and some non-district people showed up and many didn’t. It’s possible the ones that came up had historic district registrations.

The “Betty bot” search is not limited to one council or district, it is all BSA folks. However, it is limited to one person at a time. When possible, the district and council search tools are much faster when searching for multiple people.

Complications -

The district and council training search tool starts from the current registration roster. All results show ONLY currently registered scouters and Only training recorded under their current id#… Unit and council recharter issues may affect the search results.

The “Betty bot” does NOT tell you if a person is registered. It searches the training database for training tied to one BSA member id# & last name. A person can be in the database without ever being registered as a leader with BSA.

Also, a person can have multiple member id#'s [either by error or from being in different councils]; if the numbers are not associated with each other [another BSA tool], then the training under one number will not show under the other number(s).

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