Parent Joined as a Child

I have a new parent who accidentally joined as a child. Now, she’s showing up as a cub in Scoutbook. Her number is 14189150
How can I fix this?

@DianaSmith well I think Council messed up - this is a Male and is registered as a Unit Participant. Council probably needs to investigate

Ok - thank you for the info

While I have you, how do I check on role training for adult leaders?

If you are a Key 3 - you can go to > Menu > find unit and go to Training Manager or Trained Leader report

Expanding on @DonovanMcNeil’s answer, there are two ways to do this.

To see only the modules and in-person training a scouter has done, you can use the “Betty” bot (lower right circle on My.Scouting home page) to check training for anyone when you have their BSA ID number and last name. This works for folks that are not currently registered. And anyone can do this.

Training Manager is the standard way to check training for folks when you have the proper permissions (K3, K3D, Unit Trainer).

  • Only shows folks currently registered in your unit. Will not show a MBC not already in your unit or your Unit Commissioner (council positions).
  • The Trained Leaders Status report from the dashboard shows the current requirements for folks to be trained in their current registered position. This is great for someone doing modules for the first time. Some folks may show trained with the report showing everything still needs to be done. They would have completed a prior version of training that is no longer available, so it doesn’t show up.
  • To see the total training record for someone registered in your unit, click Add/Search > Search Training > choose person > View Training. The default is Viewing: Completions
  • To see what positions in the unit the person is trained for, change the Viewing: Completions to Viewing: Positions Trained
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