Den leader dropped from SB

I have a Den leader who was dropped from SB in the fall (even though he has been a den leader for 2 years now). Our council had us submit a new application for him but we made sure and put his existing BSA # on it to avoid creating another duplicate. So after recharter he was on the roster again but we noticed yesterday he has been dropped again. How do we fix this and why does he keep disappearing?

The individuals BSA# is 13679983.

The BSA # is not registered - let us look at this


This BSA Member ID only is listed in Akela as a Tiger Adult Partner. This is not a registered position. He needs to register as a Tiger Den Leader.

@DennisHellon I see 3 BSA # for him - one as a youth - then 2 as parents - he has never filled out an adult application under that name. Do the Key 3 see him on the roster?

I am a key 3 delegate and will look real quick. We have actually submitted at least 2 adult leader applications for this individual so far, one of which I handed in personally. Last month he was on our roster as an adult leader as he enter some requirements then.

He is listed as only an adult partner on

yep - not registered - do you have online applications turned on? do that so you know it will be done


Since you have submitted multiple applications for him, I recommend contacting your council’s registrar.

Our council will not accept online applications for adults, only paper copies. We will just have to take a copy of the copy we kept down there and turn it in for the 3rd time.


Before submitting a 3rd application, I would contact the registrar to find out what happened to the first 2.

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Will do. I will have our Cubmaster make the phone call to see what the heck is going on. Thank you all for attempting to help. I do appreciate the efforts.

Or send email to both Registrar AND Scout Executive to start it. Make sure the boss knows there is an issue.

@DennisHellon - well I can say for our council in PA I am at 34 days and counting on a VP application to our crew. And our jurisdiction does not allow adult on-line apps either. The main issue I guess was the log-jam of recharter issues.

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