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Unable to create parent account for new Scout, e-mail address already in use?

I was tasked with creating new Scoutbook accounts for all of our new scouts this year. As part of this, once the Scout’s SB account is created, I am adding a parent and creating parent accounts which also e-mails them an invite to join on SB. I have an issue with one parent where, when I try to create their account, SB is returning the error

“Email: Only adult Scouters can be invited. A youth Scout was found with this e-mail address in Scoutbook”.

Apparently someone, somewhere registered an SB account with this parents exact same e-mail. I know it’s a good e-mail address for the parent as I have been going back and fourth with them using this same e-mail address. Aside from asking the parent to create a new e-mail address for themselves, is there anyway to resolve this? Clearly the account that has this e-mail already registered to it is an error. Please advise. Thanks!


when creating an adult account search on the email address. I have been finding almost all parents are in Scoutbook.

I did that already. It’s not finding it during search since it seems that search only looks for adults. According to the error message, this e-mail is linked to a youth scout, not an adult.

Send an e-mail to with the parent’s name, e-mail address, your council and unit. Ask them to clear the e-mail from the Scout.

Will do. I appreciate the direction.

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