Unit leader accidentaly deleted from Scoutbook and needs to be re-added

A unit leader from Pack 25 in the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council (089) was accidentaly deleted from Scoutbook and needs to be re-added. He is a registered adult and just needs to be put back into scoutbook. Should the unit leader just re-add him manually or can he force a resync and pull him back from ScoutNET?

For context, I am a District Director trying to help this unit leader out.

post the MID (BSA#) of the user

The person is question is Christopher B. (BSA ID #134438419)

One way would be to have Christopher log in to Scoutbook, and then go to:

My Dashboard - > Administration → My Account → My Positions

Click on his past position as Assistant Den Leader, and remove the Date Ended. A Pack Admin will need to re-approve his ADL position by going through the Pack Roster page.

Alternatively, a Pack Admin can go through the Pack Roster page and use the “Add Leader” button to just add him again.

I am the pack admin having the issue and I have tried the option to Add Leader. Searching both by name and by BSA Member ID, a pop-up message reads:
scoutbook.scouting.org says
No record found that satisfies the search criteria.

what is the BSA # @GabrielDe_Mayo - just the # is needed nothing else

I am only entering the the BSA#134438419 and get that message. I’ve tried searching by name only and by BSA# only, with no results in either case.

@GabrielDe_Mayo I put a position sync on account so hopefully it will update after 4pm CST

Thanks @DonovanMcNeil… I will try later today. Have a great holiday weekend.

I was able to see Chris in our roster and set him up with the correct positions. However, he doesn’t have a login for BSA Member #: 134438419; UserID: 3845031 (Christopher B.), which is the one that has the adult leader association, but it shows his contact info from when he as a boy scout. He has a login for BSA Member #: 13553473; UserID: 10336003 (Chris B.), which is the link to his son Eli (Webelo). Is there a way to merge the two users into a single login or does a new login need to be created? [deleted for user privacy]

@GabrielDe_Mayo I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

12872857 lost Den Leader access but still has access to her children. Registration still shows active Den Leader and I did not see any additional profiles from my end. Maybe a position sync will fix the issue?

@MatthewAnderson6 I merged her accounts - she needs to use her my.scouting credentials not her email to log in - that user name is everything before the @ of her email - and an admin needs to get her back in the correct den

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